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[AKB-023] Imamura Miho Cosplayer

AKB-023 コスプレイヤー 今村美穂
ID: AKB-023
Release Date: 2011-02-25
Length: 120 min(s)
Director: ----
Maker: Tma
Label: Expotion
Cast: Imamura Miho

In this movie Miho Imamura shows us how much fun and sex she can have in school. In each scene this horny slut is dressed in different costume, but she always maintains her school girl looks. I only wish that she would shed some of her clothes because she is one hot school girl. She never gets fully nude and even continues to wear her panties during sex. That is OK though because the sex is great.

Scene 1: In this scene Miho really looks like a school girl with her hair pulled back into piggy tails. She is alone in a school room with a male student and this guy has sex on his mind. He grabs Miho and kisses her and starts to grope her body. Horny Miho does not resist and they begin a long round of foreplay. After she sucks the guy's cock and gets him hard he enters her from behind and screws her eyes out. Miho gets pounded in several positions before the guy pulls out and fills her mouth with sperm.

Scene 2: Schoolgirl Miho is practicing with her guitar when her sensei enters the room. This guy has a feline fetish because after he listens to Miho for while he hands her some cat ears and get her to wear them. This turns him on so he grabs Miho and sexes up her body. After he warms up her body with foreplay the sensei pulls Miho's panties aside and slides his cock into her pussy. Miho and her sensei get in on in all the usual positions until the sensei explodes inside of her pussy in a Nakadashi finish. Miho is curious and plays with some of the sperm leaking out her body as the scene ends.

Scene 3: Miho looks super hot dressed in a sheer pink ballerina uniform as the scene opens. She is alone in her bedroom playing with a beach ball when her arm rubs against one her nipples which is protruding thru the thin material of her uniform. Miho likes the feeling this contact produces so she begins to tweak her nipples. She then fingers her pussy until her body jerks in an orgasm. Miho is not done pleasuring herself because she then takes a dildo and shoves in up her wet pussy. She thrusts the dildo into her body until another orgasm rocks her body.

Scene 4: Miho is dressed in a red and white gym clothes top with blue nylon leg hose. Her sensei must like how she looks because he comes up to her and plants some wet kisses on her mouth. He continues to kiss and massage her whole body until he reaches her crotch. He spends a lot of time kissing her pussy thru her hose and panties before he rips a hole in the hose. After fingering her pussy until it is dripping wet he thrusts his cock thru the hole in the hose into her pussy. The sensei screws Miho hard and then dumps a load of sperm onto her breasts. A satisfied Miho smiles into the camera as the scene ends.