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[FuenoNe Works] Uraniwa no Tochigami-sama

Circle: FuenoNe Works
Release: 2017-12-01

That day... I had a fateful encounter in my back-yard with a 'cat'...
A mysterious 'cat' that proclaimed to be a goddess... In the back-yard
of an old boarding-house, the story of 'cat' and human begins...
And... "I want you to become my mate nya!"

Thus, now, begins their dazzling days of passion and lust...

The first illustrated shaded 3D video work of a series created and presented
by sister circles Blue Arrow Garden and FuenoNe Works!!

With over 1 hour and 52 minutes of content,
we hope you enjoy devouring this delectable meow dish!

Heroine voiced by Kaede Akino

Plenty of debauchery to tickle your fancies.
There will surely be a scene or two to please anyone!
Get ready to spend purrrrrreasurable days with a 'cat' goddess!